Dina began her career at the age of 11.  She performed in professional musicals and plays in her hometown of Phoenix, Arizona while studying commercial and improv acting at Matthew Dearing Studio.  At 18, Dina moved from Phoenix to sunny Los Angeles to pursue acting full-time.  She has studied at Aaron Speiser studio, Anthony Meindl's Actor's Workshop, and now takes private classes with Jason Weiss (the Dean of Theater of Arts in Hollywood).  In 2016, Dina started her picture company Black Cat Pictures, which has produced female driven narratives such as Georgia and Lily of the Valley. Since her move to Los Angeles, she's also scored multiple national commercials, walked the runway at LA Fashion Week, and performed in two esteemed cabaret troupes at Don't Tell Mama and CAC Studios. Recently, Dina has transitioned in to stand up comedy; you can see her live every month at The World Famous Comedy Store in West Hollywood.


As a female writer, director, and actress, Dina is extremely passionate about women in film. She is an active member of the Geena Davis Institute for Women in Media, and most recently spoke at the 30 under 30 Festival in New York City. All of Black Cat Pictures projects fall under the 50/50 rule.


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